An End to the Confusion Faced by Muslims Visiting Japan

The Advisory Board of the Halal Expo Japan 2016, organised by Halal Media Japan, has announced a ‘Muslim-Friendly Certificate’, which will recommend standards for food and beverage enterprises in Japan to accomodate a growing number of Muslim tourists. The announcement comes as plans commence to establish a ‘Japan Muslim Council’ in April next year. Toshiao Endo, the director of the 500-member Japan …

Toshiba: The false marriage between Japanese and corporate culture

Despite the dizzying heights of the skyscrapers and state-of-the-art technology at every turn that suggest a wholehearted embracing of modernity, Japan is a country that keeps traditional values at its core. From a young age children are reminded to always ‘think about how your actions affect others before acting.’ It is for this reason that a person can drop a money laden wallet on the street and have it turn up at a police station within the hour. Yet there are other parts to these ‘traditional values’ that have contributed to the country’s ‘dark side.’