Trump cuts to the heart of White American fears

Sami Hamdi Middle East/North Africa

While his speeches target Mexican American immigrants, convenient scape-goats for White conservative anger, his arguments cut to the heart of the anxiety that all Americans feel. He, however, has chosen to align his gospel with the interests of the traditional base of the Republican Party while targeting politically vulnerable groups in his campaigns.

Beyond the Limits of Labor: Race and Consumption in Modern Society

Ismail Qaiyim Middle East/North Africa

“I didn’t hire you to think.” An invisible activist is faced with the reality that his revolutionary ‘brotherhood’ passed over his humanity, in favor of him the mascot. Concepts like class struggle and wealth redistribution beckon a sense of action. Yet in the U.S., action and orientation appear to be at odds in the discussion surrounding race and labor. Race …

Choking Justice: Eric Garner and Directionless Dialogue

Ismail Qaiyim Middle East/North Africa

Amid widespread protests, U.S. Department of Justice investigations into state police departments, and abundant media coverage, the only commonality concerning the implications of unarmed police killings in American society is an ironic and confounding lack of consensus. There is a schism between those that unconditionally support the police and others that are calling for complete policing reforms. Then there is …

Trauma and Denial: Michael Brown and the American Psychosis

Ismail Qaiyim Middle East/North Africa

America is experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Much like the battle-wounded that struggles to cope with the heart wrenching realities of war, American society falls into bouts of depression and rage. From the race riots of the depression era to the social unrest following the deaths of civil rights era figures, race in America is inherently linked to instability. …