How Middle East citizens approach Western critique

An insight into the approach the Middle East citizens take to Western critique of the region.

Let’s take two examples. First, the support for “authoritarian Erdogan”:

“How can you guys love Erdogan and ignore his authoritarianism?”

“The same way you guys loved Obama and ignored Guantanamo, the child-killing drones program in Yemen and Afghanistan, the mass presence of US troops that brought drug and rape problems to their surrounding areas, let alone the destruction they leave behind in their bid to establish ‘democracy’, the scapegoating of immigrants for a crisis caused by bankers…need I go on? Sort your own house before you come barging into mine”

It is always important to understand the other perspective before you trumpet your own and pass judgement. You might find the other side has a point…

The second example:

Obama giving his speech in Cairo:

“We are together. One people. We want peace, prosperity. We are one kind”

*listener claps in euphoria before getting dragged to the side by their uncle*

“Their words sound great but history shows that human rights applies to them and not us. Remember the French in Algeria, the British in India, the Americans in Iraq, the Belgians in the Congo. They want us to put our heads down and obey them. Nothing more, nothing less. Do not be enchanted by their words”.

“No uncle, you’re always a cynic. Obama sounded genuine. He understands us. He even quoted Qur’an and understands we are human and want peace. We just want to live”

“Poor boy. He will break your heart”

And sure enough…Obama proceeded to do just that over his 8 years as President; drones, bombs, air strikes, destruction, instability, chaos, and the creation of millions of refugees…