An End to the Confusion Faced by Muslims Visiting Japan

5The Advisory Board of the Halal Expo Japan 2016, organised by Halal Media Japan, has announced a ‘Muslim-Friendly Certificate’, which will recommend standards for food and beverage enterprises in Japan to accomodate a growing number of Muslim tourists. The announcement comes as plans commence to establish a ‘Japan Muslim Council’ in April next year.

Toshiao Endo, the director of the 500-member Japan Muslim Association, and Hind Remon Hitomi, the director of the non-profit Japan Halal Association, conducted the first joint press conference of multiple Muslim organisations in Japan, attended by Chairman Akir of the Japan Islam Trust.

The number of visitors to Japan has grown year on year, with a record 20 million visiting the country this year. Moreover, the number of Muslim travellers from ASEAN countries and the Middle East has been growing as Japan has begun to prioritise the improvement halal facilities as matter of urgency.

However, due to the separation of politics and religion in Japan, a state institution that has authority over the Halal Certificatification, a vital navigational tool for Muslim travellers, does not exist. As a result, there are currently multiple certificate bodies established in Japan, leading to much confusion and mistrust amongst Muslim travellers.

Under these circumstances, the Halal Expo Japan 2016 Advisory Board have decided to launch the ‘Muslim-Friendly Certificate’ to be the standard in Japan, catering to the rapidly growing nubmer of Muslim travellers by providing clear criteria behind the accrediation of the certification, and formulating recommended standards for food and beverage establishments in Japan.

The Halal Expo Japan 2016 was held in Tokyo in November

The Halal Expo Japan 2016 was held in Tokyo in November

Halal Expo Japan 2016, which was the venue for the press conference, is held annually and this year’s event was the 3rd edition. The 116 exhibition booths, including those from 6 overseas countries, was the most for any Halal trade show in Japan. This year, Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2016, the first Muslim fashion show in Japan was held, with 6,700 visitors attending over 2 days.


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