Attempted Coup in Turkey – Live

Coup quashed

Relive the events through our dedicated blog below:

– Military declare martial law and curfew

– Coup believed to be instigated by Fethullah Gulen as a last gasp attempt at power following Erdogan’s decision to retire pro-Gulen army officers.

– Commander of the first army divison, biggest division in Istanbul:

‘The army does not support the coup’ 

Chief Admiral Bostanganoglu:

“We certainly do not condone or support this coup attempts.” 

– Erdogan calls on people to take to the streets in protest at the attempted coup

– Pro-Erdogan protestors take to the streets in Istanbul, Ankara, Vaan, and Gaziantep

– Military withdraw from airport

– Reports of divisions within the army between Erdogan loyalists and perpetrators of the coup

– Erdogan and Abdullah Gul address media via facetime. Davutoglu speaks to foreign media.

– Erdogan points to Fethullah Gulen as the orchestrator of the attempted coup stating: “this country will not be run from Pennsylvania”