Corbyn Coup Saga Threatens War With Party Members

The fundamental problem with this attempted coup on Corbyn is that at its core is an inescapable reality that the entire fiasco is nothing short of a declaration of war on the party’s grass-root members. Corbyn received a mandate with such overwhelming support that the move to remove him can only serve as a testament to just how out of touch the current crop of Labour MPs are with their party base.

#Leave Renege on Key Promises. So What did Brexit-ers Vote For?

So now that the Leave campaign has won the day, closer scrutiny is now taking place of the promises made that resulted in this extraordinary result. However, remarkably, the Vote Leave leaders are swiftly reneging on these key promises that formed the foundation of the entire campaign. So what did, and what have, Brexit-ers voted for? NHS Within hours of the final result, Nigel …

Brexit would be the Greatest Propaganda Coup of our Time

As the EU referendum approaches, the debate on Brexit has taken an ugly turn. With the murder of the MP and pro-EU campaigner Jo Cox by Thomas Mair, a man most likely radicalised by the hyperbolic headlines of the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express, and Nigel Farage demonstrating a keen understanding of Mein Kampf, it remains unclear what the …

Saudi Arabian Economy Braces for Foreign Domination

On Tuesday, the Saudi cabinet agreed to allow 100% foreign ownership of companies in the retail and wholesale industry. The wording of the announcement was careful; ‘only in retail and wholesale’, suggesting a limitation on foreign ownership when in fact, the industries in which foreign ownership has been permitted are some of the most lucrative. The retail industry thrives off …

Muhammad Ali: The Man from the Myth

…the nature of adulation in America reinforces ideas inherent to a highly individualistic consumer society. However, beneath even this subtext, lies the stark reality that the stuff Muhammad Ali was made of was and still is repulsive to the modern political order of the world, an order still strewn in a deeply American shadow.