Apple keynote speech – As it happened

Hi all,

Once every two years, I get a little bit more excited about the smartphone world. This may have to do with Apple’s new iPhone announcement which happens to coincide with this magical feeling. Here at The International Interest, I, Rekesh Vekariya, and my colleague Aayush Karki, are going to be bringing you all the action as well as our thoughts and analysis as Apple delivers its keynote speech at 17:00 GMT.

In terms of what we can expect? Well the iPhone is likely to be the main headline act given it is the most successful product in light of faltering iPad sales, and the company’s neglect of the Apple TV. With regards to the iPad, we may see an announcement on a larger 13inch iPad pro. Interestingly, we may also have an announcement that Apple will be entering the casual gaming market. Nintendo beware!

Prepare for the hyperbole and get ready to enter the reality distortion field, it’s another Apple conference.

Stay tuned. You can ask your questions via my twitter feed @reksveks, and Aayush Karki’s @YushKaPoosh.

(Coverage begins at 16:55 GMT)